Who Will Be Eliminated from The Voice 2016 Top 8?

Who got voted out on The Voice tonight?

That means we will see Hannah Huston from Team Pharrell, Bryan Bautista from Team Christina and Laith Al-Saadi from Team Adam will perform for the Voice Save, which is just insane! She was the other favorite who we expected to advance to the finale, mostly because she has shown time and time again that she has the talent to pull off a title, and given Christina Aguilera the first win ever by a female coach. Adam was always impressed by Shalyah, but this time, he was overjoyed because she had a moment on the show they had been waiting for. Adam complimented Laith for staying true to himself and said it would be great to have such a different artist in the finale.

The NBC reality TV juggernautThe Voice 2016 continued May 16 with the top eight performance show. She says that odds are usually stacked against women, but she's hopeful that a woman - or Bryan - will win this year.

Blake Shelton agreed it was the flawless time for Hannah to "pull out a card like that" and the performance could be her ticket to the finale.

Then there was Adam Wakefield going all in with "I'm Sorry", a Chris Stapleton tune made famous by coach Blake Shelton. Before we get more results, we get a performance of "In Common" from Alicia Keys. She explained to the cameras, "I think the best art comes from when you're lying on the floor and your soul is dying". Her coach said it feels like Hannah knows she belongs in the competition. We will find out though in this The Voice live blog! The third finalist is the one we're all eager to have revealed.

Mary Sarah is asked about being a standard-bearer for good country music. Adam said his artist deserves to be in the finals, begging viewers to vote for her.

  • Patricia Jimenez